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Auditions for 'The Ghost Train', performances May 8th - 11th at The Rondo Theatre, directed by Gill Morrell

Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th October, 19:30, at the Rec Pavilion (Head along Great Pulteney Street, turn down William Street and the red and green building is where we'll be!)

'The Ghost Train' is a comedy thriller, written in 1925 by Arnold Ridley, of 'Dad's Army' fame, who was for some years a member of Bath Drama.

As it is part of our centenary celebrations, 'The Ghost Train' will be set back to 1919. The Rondo are keen to support our centenary, so there will probably be a Gala Performance and hopefully lots of publicity for what is, anyway, a very popular play.

Set on a dark and stormy night in the waiting room of a remote Cornish railway station, a group of stranded passengers (and the audience) are wound up gradually to a state of terror by the tales - and appearance - of a mysterious ghost train which kills anyone who sees it - until a fast-moving and, frankly, incredible denouement ends the play. The set, lighting, costumes and, especially, the sound plot are massively important to the atmosphere of the play so all offers of help in those areas will be welcome.

Rehearsals will be from early February on Sundays (late afternoon / early evening) and one mid week evening. Missing the odd rehearsal is not necessarily a problem but everyone needs to be available from May 3rd.

The Cast - playing ages are indicated but could be stretched.

Richard Winthrop, a businessman, 30+, short-tempered, about to leave his wife ...
Elsie, 25+, bored with their marriage, aggressively sure of herself
Charles Murdock, 20 - 30, part of a failing family firm, so about to leave for the colonies, on his honeymoon with ...
Peggy, 20 - 25, fresh, innocent, trusting
Miss Bourne, 50+, a spinster travelling with her lovebirds in a cage, upright and teetotal, disapproves of modern young people. Succumbs to brandy half way through the play
Teddie Deakin, 20 - 40, apparently a silly young(ish) man-about-town, facetious, irritating, very smartly dressed
Saul Hodgkin, Station Master, 40+, local accent, tells the ghost story to great effect, disappears for most of the second half of the play
Herbert Price, a local businessman, any age
Julia Price, his sister, 25 - 35, highly dramatic, apparently terrorised into hysteria by the ghost train stories
John Sterling, a doctor, any age
Jackson, a policeman, any age. Very small part

If you are interested in acting or in helping out in any other way, but can't make the auditions, or if you want to know more, contact Gill at gillmorrell1@gmail.com














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Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th October at the Rondo Theatre, Larkhall, Bath


Set in a trashy 70's disco, with most of the action taking place in the toilets, Stags & Hens is the tale of Dave and Linda's respective party. They've unknowingly gone to the same place and when Linda's ex Peter shows up with offer of an escape, she's forced to make a decision, to stay and conform to everyone's expectations, or to go and do the unheard of. An irreverent comedy, set to music from the era, Stags & Hens is entertaining and lively.


Linda: Olivia Murphy

Bernadette: Faye Matthewman

Maureen: Hannah Casey

Frances: Gemma Dewe

Carol: Isabel Offler

Eddy: Russell Eccleston

Robbie: Thomas Menezes

Kav: Stan Elliot

Billy: Guy Smallwood

Peter: Joe Lintern

Roadie: Lucy Perry











Monday brings the beginning of a week long festival. A series of workshops, readings and discussions, with something for everyone. Everything is free to attend, though there will be the opportunity to contribute to the upkeep of Bath Drama if you wish.

Friday 15th July will be an open house of sorts; an evening of short performances, readings and discussions, which you can come and get involved with or just sit back and watch with a glass of bubbly and some nibbles.

If you have something you want to read, or have read, at our open house, please drop us a line at bathdrama@outlook.com and we'll put you on the bill! 








By Agatha Christie


Our next reading will be this dark comedy by reknowned crime writer Agatha Christie. Join us at The Hut on Vane Street at 7.30pm on Tuesday 10th May.




This year, in place of a summer production, we are delighted to announce our first Summer Festival.


11th July will bring the first of a week long series of workshops, culminating in an evening of entertainment for all to enjoy.

Monday 11th July: Pinter, an evening.

Hosted by Toby Lee

Tuesday 12th July: Improv, a workshop.

Hosted by Bonnie Rose

Wednesday 13th July: Mask Performance, a workshop.

Hosted by David Wood

Thursday 14th July: Improv with Austen

Hosted by Gill Morrell

Friday: Open House

Hosted by Bath Drama

All workshops are free to attend and we welcome new members as well as old.

The Open House will bring an evening of short performances accompanied by drinks, nibbles, and a host of Bath Drama members to talk to. We invite our friends, families and those new to Bath Drama to join us for an evening of fun.

The Open House is also free to attend.


 If you have a short (5 - 15 minute) piece you think would be good for the Open House and would like to perform or read it, please get in touch bathdrama@outlook.com






Three fantastic brand new shows featuring original writing from around the South West. All came together to create an evening of entertainment at The Rondo!

Directed by Colin Barnes, Sue Sedgwick and Carolyn Csonka, these thirty minute pieces are an exploration of different themes, ideals and times. 

 An excellent showcase of local talent set just as successful, if not more so than Three Card Trick, Bath Drama's explosive showcase that went on in 2013. 




This year's winter show was the brilliant Mother Goose and the Babes of Toyland written and directed by Bonnie Rose.



 Every January, Bath Drama delights audiences of all ages with an adventure featuring some familiar (and some not so familiar) faces.

This year was no exception, with director Bonnie Rose taking on one of her old favourites and creating a show that had something for everyone. 

Iowerth Mitchell took on our beloved Dame Mother Goose in a story that saw all her companions in StoryVille on a mission to save their homes from the evil Barnaby Barnacle (David Wood). Our hero Tom (Toby Lee) rushed to save his lady love Mary (Kirsty Hibbert) and were joined on a journey to Toyland by Jack (Guy Smallwood), Jill (Kate Fox), BoPeep (Jessica Hughes), Goldilocks (Kirsty Woods), Miss Muffet (Cherry Bull-Lifely) and Simple Simon (Ronan Aherin).

They were all kept on their toes by the mischevious pirates working for Barnaby, Gonzorgo (Thomas Menezes) and Roderigo (Lucy Perry). Plus they were all in danger from a giant spider (Maddox Aherin)!

 But with the help of the Toymaker (Michael Roy) and his faithful workman Grumio (Joe Lintern) the gang made it with some cracking one liners and songs to sing along with aplenty! 

 Bonnie Rose brought a joyous and fun filled show to life that lit up the stage for a week in an otherwise dreary January!  



*Spider's web image by remusruffus on deviantart