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Bath Drama Centenary Production - Jack and the Beanstalk by TLC Creative

Monday 16th July & Thursday 19th July
– 7:30pm


Bath Rec Pavilion (visible from the Hut Window, just across the field)


Weds 16th to Sunday 20th January 2019 (get in on Sun 13th January)

The Rondo Theatre

A very traditional and funny pantomime with a variety of different roles which will be good fun for everyone involved. Lots of bad jokes, good versus evil, love, a cow, a spider and of course a giant at the top of the magically growing beanstalk. The story follows a very traditional narrative with lots of fun, singing, dancing & larger than life characters. The perfect panto to celebrate 100 years of Bath Drama!


Idle Jack (M or F)
Lazy but with a heart of gold. A dreamer. Lots of potential for comedy and singing.

Princess Rose (F)
A slightly rebellious royal. Lots of humour and opportunities for singing.

Dame Trott (M)
Traditional pantomime dame. Jacks mum. Lots of innuendo and comedy. Very much a man playing a woman.

Dozy Den (M or F)
Depriving a village of their idiot. Lots of slapstick opportunities.

The Cow. Fun skin part for 2 energetic people M or F x2

Fairy Beansprout:
The Good Fairy. Usually one step behind F

Poison Ivy:
The bad fairy. Sinister. Evil. Diva. Think 80s Rocker F

The King:
A bit of a wimp. Scared of the giant. M

Prime Minister:
In fact the whole royal court. Think Robin Williams Genie in Aladdin. Lots of voices / accents. M or F

Big scary giant. Thunderous voice M or F

Giants Housekeeper:
Servant F

Chorus of Villagers, Guards, Slaves etc

Rehearsals will start in mid-October and will be on most Sundays (2pm –7pm) and one evening a week which will increase nearer to production week.

The auditions will be relatively informal. You will be required to move about and get a few scenes on their feet. Everybody will get the opportunity to read for the part they are interested in. Singing may be involved. Anyone is welcome to come and audition – you do not have to be experienced.

We look forward to meeting you all soon.

Please email Luke John Emmett to register your interest and also to give an idea of what parts you may be interested in auditioning for. Email: