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                        UPCOMING SHOW | 5th - 8th October





Set in a trashy 70's disco, with most of the action taking place in the toilets, Stags & Hens is the tale of Dave and Linda's respective party. They've unknowingly gone to the same place and when Linda's ex Peter shows up with offer of an escape, she's forced to make a decision, to stay and conform to everyone's expectations, or to go and do the unheard of. An irreverent comedy, set to music from the era, Stags & Hens is entertaining and lively.


Linda: Olivia Murphy

Bernadette: Faye Matthewman

Maureen: Hannah Casey

Frances: Gemma Dewe

Carol: Isobel Offler

Eddy: Russell Eccleston

Robbie: Thomas Menezes

Kav: Stan Elliot

Billy: Guy Smallwood

Peter: Joe Lintern

Roadie: Lucy Perry 


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